Company profile

   JADE Engineering Service Co., Limited is a fast growing Inspection Company. We provide comprehensive vendor inspection, vendor expediting and pre-shipment inspection services in mainland of China.
    JADE inspection services including but not limited to vendor expediting, project coordination, VDB review and expediting, factory audit, PIM attendance, welding inspection, painting inspection, Factory Acceptance test(FAT), Fabrication Stage Inspection including pre-production inspection, in-process fabrication ...[MORE]

Client benefits fron JADE Engineering

·Professional and qualified inspectors / expediters, supported by a strong coordination team.
·Jade personnel high responsibility for actingas the eyes and ears of our clients to ensure products quality .
·Jade always march ahead to be your loyal partners in China with reliable, professional and impartial services.
·Reduced mobilisation and demobilisation costs by using JADE broad network for local inspector throughout China

JADE Engineering Values

·All over the China, we know where we are from and where we march ahead.
·We are proud of our colleagues that define who we are today and what we will be in the future.
·We appreciated all assistant and support from all clients over the world which is the strong power for we move to bright future!