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Coordinator /Administrative Assistant

◆  JES Coordinator /Administrative Assistant:
      ●  JES could provide project coordinators, administration assistant and document controller etc that work on site for various
           long term projects per client request.
      ●  JES coordinator works closely with their assigned clients to establish exactly the service required and then the client's 
           requirement and expectations are.  
           From the very start of any activities for a new client, the coordinator is fully involved in setting up the client, project and order 
           From this information the coordinator provides the inspector with all necessary documents / instructions to perform the 
           assigned tasks.
           The coordinator follows up closely with the inspector to ensure inspection schedules are set and achieved, communications 
           are dealt with promptly and any support the inspector needs is provided.
◆  Service Fields:
      ●   Steel Structure
      ●   OCTG Industry
      ●   Mining Machinery
      ●   Shipbuilding industry
      ●   Pressure vessel
      ●   Pipeline industry
      ●   Ocean Engineering
      ●   Oil & Gas industry
      ●   Hoisting Equipment
      ●   Power Energy
      ●   Rotating Equipment
      ●   Bulk Material
      ●   Electrical & Instrument Equipment

◆  Multiple benefits of services by JES:
      ●  Sincere Attitude
      ●  Reasonable price
      ●  Professional Service    
      ●  To be your “Ears and Eyes”
      ●  To be your loyal partners
      ●  Meet and exceed your expectation
      ●  Broad network for local inspector over China
      ●  Professional and qualified inspectors / expediters, supported by a strong coordination team.