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Vendor Ability Auditing

◆  Why Vendor Ability Auditing :
Before placing an order with a factory, you may have questions as: Is there a factory? Where is the factory located? What is factory production capacity? What is the capability of the workforce? Can it handle the quantities required? Do they have a Quality Control/Assurance Plan? Etc. Therefore it is advisable to perform a vendor ability audit to making sure that their quality system, facilities, equipment, products and services comply with quality, health & safety, environmental and social responsibility. 
◆  JES Vendor Ability Auditing:
Depending on client requirements, we are able to carry out audit/inspections on behalf of client to check the vendor quality system, facilities, equipment and products, and audits.
We will record faithfully the situation at the scene, analyze and evaluate the vendor ability conforming to your requirement.
We will collect related documents of the vendor with pictures and a full statistical report, which will be sent to you within 24 hours.

Multiple benefits of services by JES:
      ●  Sincere Attitude
      ●  Reasonable price
      ●  Professional Service    
      ●  To be your “Ears and Eyes”
      ●  To be your loyal partners
      ●  Meet and exceed your expectation
      ●  Broad network for local inspector over China
      ●  Professional and qualified inspectors / expediters, supported by a strong coordination team.