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Full time/Resident Expediting

◆  Why Full time/Resident Expediting:
      ●  Full time/Resident Expediting provide clients with continuous in depth progress information and immediate action by the 
          expediter as soon as problems become apparent. This ensures that schedules are maintained in line with the specific project
      ●  For Full time/Resident Expediting needs, whether for an individual order or for a specific project, a dedicated expediter will be 
          provided to liaise directly with the client ensuring the most direct lines of communication. This ensures that the client interfaces 
          directly with the assigned expediter and information exchange is as efficient as possible.

JES Full time/Resident Expediting:
      ●  JES’s expediters are experienced professionals who, by virtue of their technical backgrounds, are able to quickly verify progress
          against schedules, spot any potential bottlenecks and point out any quality issues that may lead to eventual delays.
      ●  JES’s expediters remain in close contact with the client and, wherever possible, provide a verbal close out call prior to leaving
          the works. During this call the client is briefed on the results of the visit and a discussion regarding continued activities is also
          held.This ensures that the client has the latest information available and if necessary can update the field expediter on any
          changes in project priorities / needs.
      ●  JES’s skilled expediters are able to diagnose the issues brought about potential delays and undertake corresponding actions
          to ensure that materials and equipment are delivered to the location based on the promised date defined in the purchase order.
      ●  JES’s expediters also obtain or reaffirm delivery promises from suppliers and fully investigate all aspects of the suppliers’
          scheduling which are evidences of the practicality of achieving such promises.

◆  Multiple benefits of expediting services by JES:

      ●  Save travel cost.

      ●  Detection of potential delays.
      ●  Limitation of further problems.
      ●  Quick counter measures to avoid further delays.
      ●  Action made to whole projects.
      ●  Ensured the fulfillment of contractual delivery terms (goods and documentation) to the job site completely and timely.