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Quantity and Quality Inspection

A final quantity and quality inspection before factory acceptance will be suitable. Sometimes a manufacturer’s final products substantially drop from the initial, agreed-upon items. This may be due to a difference in the manufacturer’s view of what is an acceptable deviation from that benchmark, a blatant rushing of production. The final inspection will ensure the products meet PO requirements, if any question detected, it can be solved at the factory.
The quality of materials, services and products are essential elements in the success of any project throughout the world. We provide our clients with the ability to respond to all of their quality needs throughout the world with highest possible standards of service and integrity.
With JES representing your company, we will perform a Quantity and Quality Inspection at the factory or shipping room or any appointed site. We will document all non-conformities with pictures and a full statistical report, which will submitted within 24 hours after inspection finished.

◆  JES Inspection in details:
      ●  Count the quantity per PO
      ●  Verify the marking and tagging per PO and specification
      ●  Visual inspection
      ●  Audit the in-process production records and quality control documents
      ●  Review related test documents and reports
      ●  Carry out random sampling inspection
      ●  Record the defects and deviation with standards and purchase orders
      ●  Etc.
◆  Multiple benefits of services by JES:
      ●  Sincere Attitude
      ●  Reasonable price
      ●  Professional Service    
      ●  To be your “Ears and Eyes”
      ●  To be your loyal partners
      ●  Meet and exceed your expectation
      ●  Broad network for local inspector over China
      ●  Professional and qualified inspectors / expediters, supported by a strong coordination team.