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Project Coordination

◆  JES Project Coordination:

      ●  JES could provide project coordinators, administration assistant and document controller etc that work on site for 
          various long term projects per client request.

      ●  JES coordinator works closely with their assigned clients to establish exactly the service required and then the client's 
          requirement and expectations are.  
          From the very start of any activities for a new client, the coordinator is fully involved in setting up the client, project and order 

          From this information the coordinator provides the inspector with all necessary documents / instructions to perform the
          assigned tasks.

          The coordinator follows up closely with the inspector to ensure inspection schedules are set and achieved, communications 
          are dealt with promptly and any support the inspector needs is provided.

◆  Project Coordination Main Responsibility:

      ●  Communication with client by e-mail and telephone calls etc to coordinate inspection assignment issued from various client

      ●  Review client requirement and prepare detailed inspection assignments to the inspector/expeditor to be assigned.

      ●  Find suitable inspector to perform the inspection.

      ●  Contact with client & vendor to arrange inspection/expediting activities assigned

      ●  Review inspection report & original test/inspection record submitted by the inspector/expeditor to ensure client’s requirement are
          fully covered. Activities involved including review client provided project specifications, applicable industrial standard for the job
          assigned & related drawings to verify if the requirement has been fulfilled by the fabricator/supplier based on the inspection 
          report, record provided by the inspector/expeditor.

      ●  Report to company’s technical manager, engineer if any deviation is identified.

      ●  When necessary, translate the Chinese version inspection/test report, or record into English and input into computer in 
          accordance with the client provided report format, and /or the software.

      ●  Support inspection manager to track the current status and working load of each inspector, to track the status for various 
          inspection equipment based on the datasheet.

      ●  After inspection, review, verify and submit the reimbursement of inspector to account department.

      ●  Update and file the inspection data including NDE reports, painting reports and structure gauge reports etc.

      ●  Provide assistant for owner representatives including interpretation and translation

      ●  Deal with the daily office routines

      ●  Take meeting minutes

      ●  Process complaint and questions from client after report submitted.