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Welding inspection

JES provides inspection service in workshop for the purposes of being independent of suppliers in order to ensure that quality of relevant equipment or products meet the requirements of contract specifications, standards and codes.
Based on our engineers’ well experience and professional skills, any deviations and defects during fabrication shall be detected corrected timely. Meanwhile, in the first time, our clients could learn of the details information of real status based on these deviations and defects, corrective actions and settlement results. And then, countermeasures can be taken into consideration for the sake of ensuring equipment quality keep to technical specifications, drawings and industrial standards.
Our clients can trustingly make arrangements for their purchase orders relying on JES’s services as they know that they can realize their quality expectations of their products and equipment depending on such a safeguard.

◆  Service Fields:
      ●  Steel Structure
      ●  OCTG Industry
      ●  Mining Machinery            
      ●  Shipbuilding industry
      ●  Pressure vessel            
      ●  Pipeline industry
      ●  Ocean Engineering
      ●  Oil & Gas industry
      ●  Hoisting Equipment
      ●  Power Energy
      ●  Rotating Equipment
      ●  Bulk Material
      ●  Electrical & Instrument Equipment
◆  Multiple benefits of services by JES:
      ●  Sincere Attitude
      ●  Reasonable price
      ●  Professional Service    
      ●  To be your “Ears and Eyes”
      ●  To be your loyal partners
      ●  Meet and exceed your expectation
      ●  Broad network for local inspector over China
      ●  Professional and qualified inspectors / expediters, supported by a strong coordination team.